Custom Jewelry

Handcrafted Custom Design

 Stonehaven Jewelry Gallery has built its reputation on exceeding client expectations. When it comes to designing and creating a unique piece of jewelry, the staff at Stonehaven is unparalleled in our experience and craftsmanship. Our willingness to listen to your story, build a relationship, and create a lasting work of art that can be worn for generations is a large part of what makes Stonehaven Jewelry Gallery the special place that it is.

At Stonehaven we are happy to design around gemstones that have been part of your life for years or even generations. If it is time to begin a completely new chapter in your story, we can provide everything you need from gemstones cut by award winning lapidary artists, to diamonds from the finest cutters in Europe. Using time honored techniques, the latest state of the art technology, and the classic jewelry metals, such as gold, platinum, and silver we create beautiful pieces of jewelry all while building relationships with our clients. We look forward to becoming a part of your story.