Sell Gold Jewelry

When the time comes to repurpose your unwanted jewelry, Stonehaven Jewelry Gallery will gladly help you understand the best options for the pieces you have.

There are many reasons to start a new story in your life. Whatever your reason, we will happily and respectfully inspect your gold, platinum, and silver jewelry and advise you on the best ways to liquidate them. Whether it is outdated, damaged beyond repair, or inherited jewelry that needs to be repurposed, we are happy to purchase these pieces so the metal can be refined and reused in order to tell an entirely new story. In this way the story never ends it is simply reborn! Better for you and better for the environment. If you are in doubt as to the karat of gold or the value of stones, bring them in. We will walk you through the simple process of calculating metal and stone values, and show you the different options to either trade for new jewelry or sell yours outright.